Our first blog post! This will be a general “background information” post to introduce you to myself and my family. If you already know us… Hi there! Hopefully this will update you on the many MAGNIFICENT changes happening in our small family. I intend to update this often over the course of the next year to chronicle the crazy adventures we are starting. I’m sure there will be giggles, tears, hilarious memories, wacky problems, and beautiful scenery. And I hope to share it all with family, friends, or blog lurkers.

Here’s our story:

I’m a 23 year old married mother of two. I was raised in a small town in Michigan. While attending college in a slightly bigger town (also in Michigan), I met my now-husband Michael. While we were dating, we had our beautiful oldest daughter Norah. Hubby and I got married and welcomed our second son in March 2013. Which means as of today’s blog posting, Zeke is almost 10 weeks old.

For the majority of our relationship and marriage, Michael has been employed by industries (pipeline technicians, industrial construction) that require him to work in states far from home. Whether we were living in Michigan or Indiana, his job took him as far away as California. I’m sure you can imagine the stress and struggle that situation added to a relationship. After Norah was born, it got harder and harder for us to be apart. Except for holidays and occasional breaks between jobs, we lived lives on opposite ends of the country– him in a hotel room and us in a house in Michigan or Indiana. We relied on Skype and phone calls or text messages to remain as much of a part of day-to-day life as possible.

Michael’s current gig took him to Nevada in March 2012 and he has been there ever since. I made the decision in May 2012 to leave my full time job. In June 2012, Norah and I drove cross country (!) to join Michael for a long overdue visit. Even though we were living in a small hotel room, our family was finally together! It was an amazing visit and we quickly adjusted to “life on the road” with Daddy. I became accustomed to making meals with limited kitchen appliances and a mini-fridge. Frequent trips to the laundromat were a way of life. We grilled outside almost daily. It was a great way to spend summer; in Sept. 2012, Norah and I drove back home to Indiana, reluctantly. But, We missed our Indiana family and our house and by this time I was pregnant with Zeke and eager to start nesting at home and preparing for baby. However after a month of being home, we were all really homesick to be together again! So… We went back! This visit lasted until mid-January 2013. Nevada soon felt just as much as home as Indiana did. We had pretty much nailed hotel living to a science. When Norah and I finally returned home in January, we had planned on staying there for good–no more visits… I was pregnant and the long drives were really taxing. I was ready to be home and have little Zeke and be back in a house.

Heres the thing about houses… they’re overrated. Sure, we had the luxury of a dishwasher and our own washer and dryer… But one very important person was missing. At this point, Norah and Michael were almost inseparable. She missed him terribly and constantly asked if he was still at work. Every green Chevy Cavalier she thought was him driving. Every airplane she asked if daddy was on it. When I dropped Michael off at the airport in January to return to work, we knew the next time we saw each other would be the birth of our son… And even then, there was a good chance he could miss the birth of Zeke. It was an especially difficult goodbye :(…

Well Daddy made it home for Zekes birth and was able to enjoy a 2 week vacation before going back to work. Have you ever had to say goodbye to your 2 week old son to fly across country and not know when you would see him next? Yeah, me either. But we did, and we cried. By this time, both of us were in agreement that something needed to change. We just didn’t know how.

So we started making plans to give ourselves the lives we were wanting. Michael quitting his job simply isn’t an option. The financial advantages it gives us allows me to stay at home with our children which is extremely important to both of us. So we decided to find a way for us to be a family and decided to commit to a YEAR of the kids and I traveling with Michael as he works. We purchased a new Dodge Ram 2500 Longhorn truck, and a used 26ft bumper pull travel trailer.

I got in contact with a property manager who will be the landlord of our house while we are gone. He quickly found tenants who signed a year lease to our home. They are moving in shortly. So we will be LIVING out of our travel trailer for the next year while another family lives in our house. As of right now, we are getting brand new tires put on our travel trailer and then in 2 days, God-willing, we should be hitting the road -en route to Utah for now.

I apologize for the long winded post and promise not all of them will be like this! But for those who don’t know us, I hope this explains what and why we are doing something that probably seems crazy to a lot of people.

Please feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to answer them. Otherwise, just hang on and come along for the ride!

20130606-085304.jpg husband and I