So far on our drive, there has been very little boredom. Norah is great in the car. She doesn’t get carsick, naps occasionally, and stays pretty occupied.

Here are several things we have done to keep her busy while driving:
*she brought one of her favorite stuffed animals (a Yo Gabba Gabba Beanie Baby) with her to snuggle/play with.
*5 or 6 children’s books that I have read aloud to her.
*fairy tale coloring books, that she is more interested in me reading the story than coloring at this point.
*doodling with a pen on my receipts
*watching TV shows and movies on the Netflix app on my phone.
*watching TV episodes I downloaded from Amazon onto my Kindle Fire.
*talking to Michael and I, of course. She also sings and talks to Zeke. When she starts getting whiny, I try to redirect and engage her in questions about what we are seeing outside (Look at those cows/horses/trees, etc! What color is that truck? Do you see that huge sign? Is that truck bigger or smaller than Daddy’s truck? Was that a raindrop on the windshield? Oh no, is it going to rain?) or questions about where we are going (Are you excited to stay in our camper? Do you think Boomer is doing okay back there? I can’t wait to get to the RV park and get out your bicycle!) etc etc etc… Oh and LOTS OF SNACKS!

As far as the baby, Zeke is a little young for conversation, although I have been talking to him. He is not a big fan of car rides at all, so we are just doing our best. We are making frequent stops to walk around, change his diaper, and have a nursing session. We have lots of changes of clothes which is great because this morning it was brisk when we got up and around and now it’s in the high sixties and he’s down to a short sleeved onesie…hes also been pooping through diaper and clothes! I also have his pacifier, which he isnt totally accustomed to, so he plays around with that and considers using it haha… We also added a front facing mirror that he can see his reflection in, which seems to be at least partially entertaining to him. He also gets a kick out of Norah’s stuffed buddy being in view, like so…

During the rare moments when BOTH children are sleeping, I’ve been crawling up front to keep Michael company. We have been talking, joking. I read aloud from my Kindle (Left Behind by LeHaye/Jenkins). I read him a few posts from Facebook that sparked some interesting discussions. Just trying to keep boredom away and pass the time. When I’m in the back with the kids, I’ve been reading my paperback of The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeanette Walls. Just a page or 2 at a time. All in all, it’s been a very low key ride with no fights, no meltdowns or screaming, and very little boredom. Knock on wood.