Well, we officially left today! We didn’t get as early of a start as we wanted… And we didn’t drive as far as we wanted either. Isn’t that always how it works? Oh well.

The driving was alright. We made frequent stops for our toddler to use the potty, for us all to grab meals and snacks, check the cat (who rode in the camper) to change the baby’s diaper, and to refuel the truck. Surprisingly we didn’t hit terrible traffic until about 7-7:30pm on I-80 west. So we decided to just call it a night and not try to push it any more.

So we are currently in Illinois at a rest stop for the evening. It’s really big, well-lit, security cameras, etc… We pulled in and are going to sleep in the camper for the night. Is that even allowed? I hope we don’t get in trouble…

Norah played for a few minutes at the little playground area here. We are currently laying in bed with the baby in between us. All the windows are open, and there’s a nice breeze. Since the windows are open, we can hear the traffic from the interstate which surprisingly isnt bothering me. Norah is in the back bedroom on her bed playing with toys. I still can’t believe we are about to sleep overnight here. This is weird!
Setting the alarm for 6:30am and hoping to be on the road early!
Ill end with a photo from our dinner stop at Buffalo Wild Wings.