Woke up this morning feeling great! I unfortunately can’t say the same for my hubby. Norah had a rough night trying to sleep. I know her schedule is so thrown off with the driving and napping in the truck, So Michael ended up sleeping with her in the back bed while Zeke and I slept on the bed in the front, which is our pillow top queen sized mattress from home and soooooooo comfortable. We slept with one window open so there was cool, fresh air all night. I know Michael didn’t get great rest on a smaller mattress with the world’s biggest bed hog. Poor guy.

So anyway we were on the road at about 7:50am Central time. Not too bad! After driving for about an hour, we stopped in Princeton, IL and fueled up the truck. So far, diesel is still cheaper than gasoline (thank goodness). I think it was $3.94 where we fueled up. Then we stopped for a quick breakfast at the fanciest McDonald’s I have ever been inside.

A little while later we crossed into Iowa via a huge bridge… Over The Mississippi River, maybe? I’m embarrassed at my geography knowledge. But Im not a huge fan of going over bridges and for some reason it was especially worse knowing we were in a huge truck pulling a trailer. So I opened my eyes long enough to snap a few photos.



Then we stopped at one of our favorite rest stops, the I-80 Truck Stop which is the largest in the world. I guess it’s tradition, we have stopped every time we drive past. We stretched our legs, wandered around, and grabbed some Taco Bell. This place has a food court like a mall, TONS of souvenirs, a dentist, a barber, a library, custom shop for semi trucks. It’s crazy. I bought a few post cards and a keychain for Norah. We checked on the cat’s food and water in the camper then it was back on the road!

We made intermittent stops throughout the day. Hit some yucky rain in Iowa, and finally crossed into Nebraska. As the day went on, the kids got increasingly restless. By about 7pm, we decided to stop for the night. With about 12 hours of driving left to do until reaching our destination, we knew it would make for a FULL day of driving tomorrow. Ultimately, we just chose to stop for the night in York, Nebraska because it just didnt seem like we were gonna go any further with the kids in the mood they were in.

We grabbed chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeño poppers from the Walmart deli (healthy I know!) and ate dinner in the camper. Zeke was really fussy (as in screaming inconsolably) and Norah was bouncing off the walls and yelling at us “Hey, you wanna fight?!” So yeah…

“You look stressed,” Michael said to me. I WAS stressed! I was feeling bad that we didn’t drive as much as we planned today… My phone was dead with no way to charge it until tomorrow and I was worried about checking in with my parents… My Kindle was dead (one of Norah’s main forms of entertainment) and I had no clue where the charger was… Oh and I was overdue for a shower and felt gross after being in the car for 2 days of driving. But I was trying really hard to just be a trooper.

Thank The Lord for patient and understanding husbands. He pitched in immediately to help with the crying baby while I ate and then made the decision for us all to stay at a hotel tonight, allowing us to re-charge– both ourselves and our electronics … And get showers!!!! I almost cried tears of joy. We called around for a good rate (yes even in times of desperation, we are frugal!) and found one quickly.

As I write this, I am in our hotel room. Zeke is sleeping peacefully and Norah is freshly bathed and watching Scooby Doo on the laptop. I was able to take a long, hot shower in a clean bathroom and it was WONDERFUL! I feel so much better, physically and mentally. Laptop is charging, phone is charging– kindle charger is MIA but we will be fine. Tomorrow is a new day and I can’t wait to tackle the last leg of our trip! As for tonight, I’m saying a quick prayer;

Lord, thank you for keeping us safe on our travels today. Help me to continue to be patient with my children and be the best mother possible as they go through this journey with us. Lord, thank you for blessing me with my husband. Today could have been truly awful if we would have taken the stresses out on one another– instead we were calm, supportive and helpful to each other. Let us continue to act in love and gentleness and let me give him the same strength and confidence he gives me. Protect us tomorrow as we continue our driving. All these things we ask in your name. AMEN.