We woke up this morning feeling so excited because this was our last day of driving for awhile! With only a few more hours to reach the RV park in Utah, we pulled out of the rest area in Wyoming at 7:35am. Once we got on the road, both kids fell asleep almost immediately and got in some nice naps. I’m sure their bodies are still running on Eastern time, not Central.

We only stopped once this morning, at a Pilot Travel Center, where we ate breakfast pizza, chocolate muffins, and milk. After a short drive, we finally arrived in Honeyville, UT at the campground! Yay! This would be our home for the next week 🙂

Michael hooked everything up to the trailer and before long we were enjoyed the ice cold air conditioning… A welcome respite from the 90 degree weather outside. Norah of course insisted on hauling out the majority of her outdoor toys; Barbie Jeep, bicycle, folding table and 3 chairs, Zeke’s Rock n Play Sleeper, Jumperoo….

Michael had to embark on a drive to Battle Mtn, NV to do something, so I quickly set to work getting settled in the trailer and unpacking. I was pretty overwhelmed. I took a break to call my mom and then the kids and I walked down to the campground office and got Popsicles.

So thankful that our spot has shade!

There are several other co workers of Michael working in the next town over, and their families are also here. We know them really well since we worked with them last year and all basically lived together. So my friend Sam came and picked up the kids and I (since I was without a vehicle while Michael was gone) and she brought us back to the hotel where she is staying. There we met up with Nikki and her kids. We all spent a really fun evening together letting the kids play and catching up. Sam even drove me to the grocery store so I could grab a few things. Here’s a pic of Nikki’s precious baby sleeping alongside my little Zeke.


My poor husband won’t be home until after midnight. I know he will be ready to just collapse into bed. Not sure if he will be going to work tomorrow because of the driving and late night. I hope he’s impressed with the trailer– I’ve really been trying to get our things unpacked and put away. It’s 8:47pm here and I’m gonna try to settle in for the night!