Took off from our hotel this morning feeling well-rested and optimistic. The sun was shining and we were ready to DRIVE! Michael even said “This weather is perfect to cover a lot of ground today!”

We stopped for breakfast at a diner next to the hotel and ate before hitting the road. As soon as we started driving down the interstate, it became apparent that the weather wasn’t perfect after all… Sunny? Yes. But it was so WINDY, our truck and trailer were swaying side to side. Nebraska is flat plains, with no mountains or trees to block the wind at all. Our truck and trailer were being pushed all over the road. Not a very comfortable ride whatsoever. The constant driving against the wind, of course, made our fuel mileage decrease by quite a bit. So frustrating! But, it was a beautiful day and the sky was so darn BLUE!


We stopped for lunch at a Flying J travel plaza. We ate corn dogs, pizza, and macaroni salad. It felt great to sit inside with the air conditioning, since it was 77 degrees outside. I wore Zeke in his wrap since he was asleep. Michael bought an audiobook to listen to, since my Kindle was dead and I couldn’t read Left Behind out loud any more. He got a Western novel by Charles G. West. After a much needed rest, we loaded up and took off.

En route to our destination, we saw this little piece of art– a metal sculpture of a coyote.


We drove, drove, drove all day. When we passed the border to Wyoming, we stopped in Pine Bluffs at an A & W for root beer floats. Yum! Wyoming really has some beautiful scenery. We stopped in Rawlins, WY at a Subway for fuel and food. Our wonderful truck is averaging about 8.5 miles per gallon. It holds ~30 gallons which is a lot, but dang it seems like we are stopping for fuel allllll the time!

I finished the paperback I was reading, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I picked up the book for a quarter at a garage sale the week before we left. I had never heard of it before, and I only skimmed the back before I got it. It was in like new condition and really, who can pass up books at garage sales?

Anyway, the book hooked me right away. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. But the strangest thing was that about 1/3 of the way through the book, the author is recounting her childhood and spends several chapters describing when her nomadic family settled in Battle Mountain, NV for a year. Now if you’re like most people in the US, you probably haven’t heard of Battle Mountain. Neither had I, until Michael started working there last year for 7 months. In fact, we will probably head back there soon. It’s a SMALL, old, dusty desert town with a few run down casinos, bars, and a motel. The author had been there though! She described some of the places we have been to, like the Owl Club, in accurate detail, from her childhood decades ago. It was really so shocking to a.) hear anyone else talk about little old Battle Mountain, NV and b.) happen to come across it by chance, in a book I picked up… on the way across the country just like her nomadic family. What a coincidental little surprise 🙂 it brought a big smile to my face to think of Jeannette Walls and her crazy, traveling, dirt poor family shacking up in the abandoned railroad depot in the same old mining town that my family had shacked up in just a few months ago.

Anyways, since The Glass Castle is done, Im starting another paperback, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. My mother in law sent it with me the day we took off. Thankfully, reading in the car has never bothered me.

Our original plan was to make it to Tremonton, UT tonight but that didn’t quite happen. We are staying instead near Rock Springs, WY which leaves us about 3.5 hours of driving tomorrow morning. Once we are there and check in at the RV park and all hooked up, Michael will be back to work on Tuesday after about 2 weeks off. I love northern Utah, so I’m really excited to be going there, even for a short time. Tremonton is north of Salt Lake City, which is one of the prettiest areas we have been to.

Signing off tonight under the gorgeous Wyoming sky with all my loves under the same roof and almost at the end of this loooooong drive. And we are safe. Life is good! Night friends.