We slept great in the camper last night! Michael didn’t get back from his long drive to Battle Mtn NV until well after midnight, so he was exhausted when he got back. There was no way he could get up and go to work so he decided to take today off, too and try to catch up on rest and get the hot water situation figured out. Norah slept the whole night in her bed and Zeke slept the majority of the night in his sleeper. It was great!

Michael started the morning off fiddling with the hot water heater and pilot light. It still wouldn’t stay lit, so we took a drive into Tremonton (next town over) to stop at the hardware store and buy a new thermal coupler. While we were in town, we went to the grocery store and bought groceries for meals for the week. I’m so excited to be cooking again and not eating fast food like we have been for the last few days.

When we got back home, Michael replaced the part and the pilot light still wouldn’t stay lit 😦 So after some phone calls, we realized we would need to replace the whole thing. We called a local trailer center and ordered the valve; hopefully it will be here tomorrow. Since that whole episode left everyone a little stressed and frustrated, Norah and Michael decided to go check out the hot springs pools. I had a horrible headache so I lay down for a nap with Zeke.

The park we are staying at has a few really cool features; pools that are filled by natural hot water springs! There is a huge Olympic sized pool, a slightly smaller one that has little waterfalls, a cold spring pool, and several small hot tubs– even a pair of water slides. They had a great time! Norah even went down the slide 🙂

When they came back to the camper, we started on dinner. The grocery store makes fresh bratwurst in house, so we picked up a package of jalapeño brats for Michael to grill. He also steamed some broccoli and I made garlic mozzarella mashed potatoes from scratch. It was such an easy and tasty dinner.

After we cleaned up dinner, I was really eager to go check out the pools since my headache was gone. It was so neat! The water is not pure crystal clear like you’re used to seeing in pools. It really is natural water from the earth which means its kind of greenish and has a sort of sulfuric smell. These particular springs have the highest mineral content in the USA. There are lots of health benefits to soaking in mineral hot springs and there were many people there taking advantage of it. We 4 sat in the lukewarm Olympic one, then the slightly warmer one. One of the hot tubs was soooo hot I couldn’t even put my feet in. Zeke really liked me putting his little bare legs in the lukewarm pool. It was pretty cool; there is something really primitive about just soaking in a pool with water from the earth and not one that reeks of chlorine tablets.

Because of our current lack of hot water at the camper, I took Norah down to the campground shower house which THANKFULLY is not gross at all. We rinsed off (skin feels great from our soak!) and by the time we walked back to the trailer, she was yawning. Pajamas on, tucked into bed, 2 songs later and she was out like a light. Michael had put Zeke to sleep while Norah and I were at the showers.

Tomorrow is Michael’s first day back to work after over 2 weeks of vacation. It’s also my first day alone at the trailer with the kids! Can’t wait to spend some time outside and enjoying our last few days in Utah. No pics on today’s post– will try to get some tomorrow! Good night 🙂