what a boring day 🙂 happily boring.
Michael left for work and the kids and I slept in til about 9am. we immediately went outside because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Norah brought her baby dolls out and loaded them into her Barbie Jeep. Zeke lay on a blanket next to me while I read more of The Rescue (Nicholas Sparks). The baby was in the shade but I was in the sun, desperately trying to get some color on my pale self! And this little robin ventured close to the kid’s blanket!


I washed all the dishes from yesterday… Still no hot water and no word on the part from the camper service center. So not sure when we will be getting it 😦 I had to heat a pot of water on the stove to wash everything. Time consuming and annoying. But I’m trying to be grateful and content!

Norah and I made tuna salad sandwiches for lunch (side note: added Old Bay seasoning for the first time– delicious!) and after lunch we worked on letters. Only A, B, and C but she is recognizing them, learning the sounds, and starting to be able to draw them.

It really is boring right now while Michael is at work. I hadn’t seen him in so long, then I get used to seeing him every day for the last few weeks. Now he’s back at work and I feel so lonely!

PS I stepped on this little guy today. Thorn went straight through my flip flop and into my toe. OUCH… Gotta love the Great Outdoors…


on the menu tonight : michael’s favorite saltine-crusted pork tenderloin, dinner rolls, and green beans with onions and tomatoes. Better get started; without hot water everything takes a lil longer 😉