Sorry we have been MIA lately. Been a busy couple days. Thursday I was suffering from a horrible migraine that lasted about 12 hours. It was miserable and I felt awful that Norah was stuck in the trailer so I could watch her from my bed– instead of playing outside.

As soon as I felt better, we cleaned up the trailer and made chicken fajitas and rice for dinner. True love is chopping onions and green peppers to sauté for your husband even though no one else will eat them hehe….
Friday Michael only worked a half day. He came home and we ran some errands in town. We stopped at a trailer dealership and looked at about 10 brand new fifth wheels. We were absolutely drooling!! They were so nice. I wanted to buy a brand new one on the spot because they were so perfect, but we walked away empty handed for now. Someday …

Here’s a pic of little miss sunshiny Norah enjoying a Popsicle in the 80 degree weather. The days are beautiful but it gets chilly and windy at night!

We hung out outside for a bit and I made up some hamburger patties for dinner (with onion soup mix, garlic powder, an egg, salt and pepper) and macaroni salad. Right as the burgers came off the grill, Pat and Nikki and their kids came over for the night. We ate, walked around the campground with the kids and the stroller, enjoyed some beverages, and had a fire. It was so nice. This is a photo Pat took as we walked around the campground.

20130615-204329.jpg pretty impressive view, right? Can you spot the Gretka family in the corner?

After such a late night, we were slow-moving getting up this morning. We left the campground, stopped and bought a trailer hitch for the truck, stopped at Walmart for some odds and ends, then took off for Farmington UT which is about a 55 minute drive. Lagoon is an amusement park and waterpark where Michael’s company was having their employee outing today. We got free parking pass, free park tickets, and an all you can eat meal ticket for our family to enjoy the day. It was a great time to celebrate and relax with the wonderful company Michael works for. They really make an effort to do nice family-friendly things for their employees. Although Norah and Zeke especially are a little young for most of the rides, Norah did go on a few kiddie rides and splashed around in the water park. Michael went on a few slides. It was a Saturday so naturally it was PACKED full of people. It’ll be a lot more enjoyable as the kids get older but it was still a nice way to spend our Saturday.

Right now we have just arrived back to Honeyville to our trailer for the night. We are going to pack up our outdoor things tonight and tomorrow morning, then leave tomorrow for Winnemucca, NV. We are really familiar with the town, having spent months and months there last year. The job that Michael starts Monday will be lasting 3-4 months. Will update more soon! Farewell, Honeyville Utah!