Hi all! Hope you are having a wonderful week. We are settling into our semi permanent home at the RV park in Battle Mtn, NV. Everything has been smooth sailing for the most part. Here are a few highlights:
*We found an inexpensive RV park (only $383.00 for the whole month–full hookup including electricity).

*We have had a mix of weather; yesterday it was over 90 degrees and today I don’t think it reached 60. Keeps things exciting haha…
*We have been able to spend lots of time with my great friend Nikki (wife of Michael’s co-worker) and her 3 kids that are traveling on the road with him. Today we went to the park and let our kids run around and burn off some energy. For being such a small town, there are 2 great parks/playgrounds in Battle Mountain which is seriously cool!
* We have been able to eat some yummy meals that I’ve been able to cook in the kitchen of the trailer. Such an upgrade from the stress and creativity of hotel room cooking. Last night was a skillet meal of potatoes, kielbasa, red onions with lots of seasonings.

And tonight; oven baked hickory seasoned chicken drumsticks, chipotle ranch pasta salad, and steamed broccoli. Michael takes leftovers for lunch the next day. I just love having an oven, real kitchen sink, cupboard space, and stovetop!
However the not so great things we have encountered…
*We have been so far unable to find an RV spot in Winnemucca. The town we are in currently is an hour and twenty minute drive daily to his job site. He commutes with someone else, but if we were in Winnemucca, he would be able to sleep in and leave later in the mornings, plus get home earlier after work. Winnemucca also has a Walmart, lots of thrift stores, fast food and sit down restaurants, doctors offices, hotels/casinos, etc…..
*The park we are in now has no grass. Really, none… It’s all gravel. This isn’t great for sending Norah outside to play. She loves it, but she can’t just sit down or sprawl out on the ground like she could at our last spot, which was more of a CAMPGROUND.
*Annnnnd… We still don’t have hot water. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to even say that! We tried at our last place in Tremonton UT to get the part, but after placing the order it mysteriously never came in Saturday morning… Well we had to leave for the job starting here. Unsure of which park we were staying at and still hoping to find a spot in Winnemucca we checked into a hotel late Sunday night where we were all able to shower…after spending the last few days unpacking the trailer and getting settled into our spot, I finally made the trip today to Elko, a town about an hour and 10 minutes away. Here is a photo of the exciting scenery on the way there:

There’s an RV center there in Elko that had the part we need in stock. Michael and his friend spent an hour or two tonight trying to get it installed, but they need a fitting from the hardware store… I will be getting it tomorrow while they’re at work and then HOPEFULLY tomorrow evening we will have hot water. It’s been such an inconvenience to microwave water to wash dishes and wash faces, or go to Pat and Nikki’s hotel to use their shower… This should be my last night hot water-less, though. I even bought a new shower curtain today in anticipation 😛
Well I’m signing off for tonight… I have a few sips of a wine cooler to finish off and everyone else in the family is sound asleep// think I’m gonna join them!