I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday when I was updating, but I was so caught up in describing our Willow Creek adventure. Plus, this special event deserves a post all its own…

We have hot running water in the trailer! Yay!!!!!!!

After weeks of heating water in the stove or microwave and making trips to our friends’ hotel room to shower, we now have the problem fixed! Summary of the headache we encountered:
In Utah we realized we didn’t have hot water due to pilot light not staying lit. We replaced the thermal coupler, thinking that would be the solution. Not so. Still wouldn’t stay lit. Called the camper center back in Michigan (the ones who we bought all our new tires from) and he suggested replacing the entire gas valve.
So we attempt to contact the camper center in Utah, and after 2 days of them not answering phones or returning messages (horrible customer service!), we finally spoke to their parts department who said they would “look into” ordering the valve for us. We don’t hear anything from them for two more days… At this point, extremely frustrated, Michael goes there in person and basically asks what the HECK is going on! The guy apologizes and says they did not in fact order the part because he forgot…. Michael was furious but we didn’t really have a choice, so they ordered the part and promised it would be there at 9am the next morning. This was the morning of our all day trip to Lagoon waterpark and the day we were going to be leaving for Nevada… We stopped at the camper center at 10am the next morning and the part mysteriously didn’t arrive with their parts shipment. Grrrr! At this point, nothing was going right!
Once we arrived in Battle Mtn, NV we called the nearest camper center (an hour and 15 minutes away) and inquired about the much sought after gas valve. Thankfully they had it in stock, so I made the drive to get it one day while Michael was at work. That evening, he and Pat tried to install it, but ran into some hiccups and found they needed a 45 degree fitting instead of the 90 degree one that was included with the part. Why am I not surprised??
Assuming we were in the home stretch, I made a trip to the local hardware store here in town to pick up the fitting. Oh…. Well this particular HARDWARE store doesn’t carry any 45 degree fittings at all. Michael and I decided to go to Winnemucca (only about a 50 mile drive) on Saturday to pick up this coveted 45 degree fitting. More days with no hot water….Not wanting to waste a trip, he called Ace Hardware to make sure they had the fitting; he was assured they did.
So Saturday morning before our Willow Creek adventure, we drive to Winnemucca to Ace to buy the piece. (Wait for it)……. They did NOT have it. Grrrrr!!!! The only other options in Winnemucca were several mom and pop hardware stores (closed on Saturdays) or Big R, a farm/home store. Feeling desperate, we stopped at Big R, where unsurprisingly they didn’t have an 45 degree fittings. Michael bought a straight one to see if he could possibly make it work. We decided to just forget about it for now and enjoy our day at Willow Creek, the hot water could wait. What’s one more day right?

The next morning, Michael got up and around to drive to Elko, to the nearest Home Depot where they were certain to have it. But he just couldn’t convince himself to make yet another hour+ drive. So he got out his tin snips and the straight fitting and went to work. And wouldn’t you know it, after about 20 minutes if cutting and manipulating, he got the straight fitting connected!
He came inside and we waited about 15 minutes for the hot water tank to fill up. It felt like an hour! Then, tentatively, he switched on the hot water to the sink. At first nothing happened, but then it started to sputter and sputter. The lines were so filled with air, it took about 5 minutes before they flowed freely… But when they did– the water was HOT!
We were so thrilled, and I could not be more proud of my husband for fixing it. I did a sink of dishes right away! I’m so grateful our problem is solved and I will never ever take hot water for granted again. Now I don’t feel like we are just roughing it and camping in a trailer, it actually feels like we are living in one!