Hi everyone! So it’s been a little bit since our last update. I wish I could say its been because we have been so busy with our exciting lives that I haven’t had time… But really it’s been because things have been so mellow (read: boring) around here that there hasn’t been much to tell!
First and foremost I will start with the one thing that’s been pretty consistent– this HEAT! For the last 2-ish weeks, it’s been over 100 degrees here. Even by 7-8am, it’s already reaching 80… And it’s a very scorching, dry heat; so unlike the muggy humidity that I’m used to from growing up in Michigan and living in Indiana the last few years. The unbearable heat means a few things…
1.) We have the air conditioner in the trailer running non stop. If we leave it on HIGH for more than an hour, it usually ices up so we switch between low and medium and suffer…
2.) We are limited on what we can do. Instead of taking trips to the playground or playing outside the trailer with toys, we have been staying Inside non-stop. This is hard with an active 3 year old. i hate keeping her cooped up inside all day but after 10 minutes outside, shes sweating, flushed, thirsty, and miserable. Thankfully we have friends nearby–Each day we go visit Nikki and her kids at their hotel (with 2 a/c units) which is pretty great. The kids play inside away from the heat and Nik and I have been working out following a workout program almost every day.
3.) Work is absolutely draining for my hubby. Not only is he outside all day directly under the sun, he’s wearing blue jeans, a shirt, a long sleeved thick button up shirt for welding, his welding cap and hood– plus standing directly next to the welding arc at like a billion degrees. Poor guy. When he gets home, he’s filthy, exhausted, and usually nauseous. All he can do is tough it out and stay hydrated. It REALLY makes me appreciate my hard working man even more. I complain about the heat too, but I can pretty much bask in the a/c all day.

Aside from the heat, we have been getting some wacky weather. About once a day, the clouds come out and hide the sun. It gets dark and dusky, and wind starts blowing like crazy. This trailer starts rattling and rocking. Then dust starts picking up and soon it’s a dust storm, with sand swirling around, trees bending over. We usually hear some thunder or see a crack of lightning. The power flickers on and off occasionally. And then after maybe an hour off and on, everything returns to normal and the sun comes back out! Here are a few pictures of the weird weather:


20130705-022100.jpgsee all that dust? yuck! Michaels new truck is perpetually covered in a film of sand. It drives a neat freak like him absolutely crazy!

Other than dealing with this wonky state of Nevada, I have been trying to stay busy watching my beautiful children grow! I’ve been working with Norah more on her letters and she is great at picking out the letter A constantly, whether on food labels or a billboard. Makes me proud. Here’s a pick of her hard at work at the table, coloring:

As far as little baby Zeke, he is growing and maturing every day. I love this stage of like 3-6 months. He’s smiley, cooing, and he absolutely loves his family. He breaks out into the biggest smiles when he catches sight of Norah, Michael, or myself.

It’s 2:25am here, and yesterday was the 4th of July. The kids and I got up early (Michael had to work today) and went to Nikki’s hotel where we watched the 4th of July parade. Battle Mtn is a small, small town but they put on a nice little parade. The kids grabbed as much candy as they could, and Nikki and I chatted with a few locals that watched the parade with us.

Pat and Michael only worked a half a day. After work, they hit the grocery store for some supplies and then came home, picked up the families and loaded up the trucks to head into the mountains. We drove around the mountains a little bit and checked out a water reservoir and a few more picnic/recreation areas. We ended up at the same nice little site that we visited 2 weekends ago. The guys grilled ribeye steaks, chicken drumsticks, scallops, and asparagus. Yummm!
We shot off some bottle rockets and let the kids play with sparklers, when suddenly out of nowhere we got hit with HUGE gusts of wind. So strong that it sent our pop up shade canopy flying and actually bent the metal frame to the point where it’s now rendered useless. It blew tons of trash all over and sent the picnic blanket straight into the pond! It was so crazy! It did that for a few minutes and then came the RAIN! We just barely had enough time to load everything up, grab the trash And blanket, and wrestle with the canopy. By the time we pulled out it was down pouring! We did have a nice afternoon and evening while it lasted though! Well I think writing this blog post helped my insomnia a little bit. Getting some shut eye as I listen to the last fireworks of the night. Be well, everyone!