It’s been a fairly boring last week for us. A few things have been constant; the heat (yup it’s still hot) and the tiny trailer (yup it’s definitely too small for a family of 4)… I’m not ungrateful but wow it’s just so small. The kids and I had a nice week while Michael was at work.

Last Wednesday, we packed picnic lunches at the park and spent time with Nikki and her kids. We beat the hottest part of the day, and on a blanket on the shade it was actually quite relaxing. It was even cool enough for baby Zeke to nap in my lap. But after a few hours, the sun had just gotten too hot and we had to leave and return to our respective air conditioning. It was a welcome excursion from the “confines” of the trailer.

Friday I got up and borrowed Nikki’s car to follow Michael as he took our truck to the Dodge dealership in Winnemucca for some minor work. I was without a vehicle for the day which was very unsettling– I’m so dependent and reliant on that truck! Friday after work, Michael and Pat headed to the local bar for some drinks and then to the casino for some poker.

Saturday morning, after much sleeping in, the family headed to Winnemucca to do our weekly shopping. Still an inconvenience to drive an hour for groceries but the local grocery stores are overpriced and limited in selection. Plus, Walmart carries all the other essentials we need on a weekly basis other than food. After a quick stop at Taco Bell for lunch (gosh it’s been months since I’d had that!), we did our shopping.

It was a little different grocery shopping this time because we weren’t shopping for Michael’s lunches or family meals. This upcoming week, Michael will actually be gone. Since the Nevada jobs are at a standstill right now, he and Pat are traveling to Tremonton UT to stay busy during the break. They’ll be returning at the end of this week, and hopefully Monday, the next NV job will be starting.

So after our shopping yesterday, we decided to do some grilling in the mountains (sensing a theme here of what our weekends consist of? Haha!) with Pat & Nikki.

We headed to our favorite spot at Willow Creek and started up the grill. It was quite nice that we got there late in the day (around 6pm) because the sun wasn’t quite so fierce. Although the temperature was still 104, the sun wasn’t completely blazing overhead. In fact I caught some nice pictures of the progression of our evening:





Needless to say, it was great scenery. We all agreed that coming late in the day was the way to do it. Pat grilled some amazing BBQ ribs with Cola-Q sauce, some hickory chicken drumsticks, and some Louisiana hot links. We really eat well on these mountain excursions, thanks to his grilling skills. The guys actually pampered us wives; since they had their fun night Friday night of drinking and cards, they made sure to help keep an eye on the kids, served us our adult beverages, and make our plates of food. It was a welcome and appreciated surprise! As the kiddos drifted off to sleep, Pat and my hubby built a small fire with some firewood we brought. The crackling fire combined with the rippling brook next to us was pure heaven. We were all born and raised in rural Michigan, so to feel like we were back in the Midwest, camping under the stars, was a real blessing. I think we all agree that buying a few tents and air mattresses are a necessity– who knows? Our next trip into the mountains may be an overnight one!

Today was spent doing a little laundry, just Michael’s work clothes for the week. He packed his suitcase while I did dishes and cleaned. We watched the movie Parental Guidance together which was really good! Shhhh, but we both got teary eyed at the end! We decided to go out for a sit-down lunch as a special treat before he left for Utah. We chose Mama’s Pizza, the local place. We feasted on delicious sausage & mushroom pizza and their stellar breadsticks– second only to Buccilli’s in Farwell, Michigan 🙂 Then at 4, he and Pat left to head to Utah for the week. It was strangely difficult to say goodbye.

Trust me, we have had our fair share of goodbyes. Sometimes for weeks and months and sometimes not knowing when the next time we would be together… So you would think this goodbye for 5 days would be easy! But now that we are on the road with him, it was awful to say goodbye because its like “I thought we were done with that whole saying goodbye business!” We had the option of going with him, but this way, he and Pat can split a double hotel room for cheap– plus our campsite here at the RV park for our trailer is already paid for. It just made sense for the families to stay here and the men to go… But I’ll sure miss him, since I am now so used to being with every day. However the other alternative was going a week without a paycheck! Lol… So I’ll just make do with missing him and being apart this week!

So he left a few hours ago and I came home, where both kids promptly fell asleep! Great– I was really feeling alone now… But I took advantage of my free time and drew a relaxing foot bath. I even gave myself a sugar foot scrub then lotioned my feet and slipped on some fuzzy socks. The poor woman’s pedicure! Haha! I plan on painting them later– can you tell I will need things to do to stay busy?! Be prepared for more posts than normal– I’m guessing I will be extra bored and have time on my hands without my best friend around!
Here are some miscellaneous photos from the last week that Ill end with…

20130721-190654.jpgSweet baby boy all tuckered out after playing at the park

20130721-190809.jpgYuck! Ignore me… Gross & sweaty! Zeke of course, in just a diaper– too hot for anything else!

20130721-190903.jpgmy partners in crime!

20130721-190934.jpgoh this? Just homemade buffalo chicken pizza from last Friday

20130721-191015.jpgthis is what Norah thinks about the 107 degree days

20130721-191635.jpgyum! bet that icy cold teething ring hits the spot!

20130721-192214.jpgand…this is what I think about the 107 degree heat.