Well here it is, Monday night and I can’t sleep! Sure is weird to be away from my husband! It was another hot day both here and in Tremonton UT where he’s working for the week. He thought he was escaping the scorching temps by heading 5 hr 30 minutes east of here, but guess not! Apparently it was really hot there today, too!

Even without his alarm to wake me up this morning, my eyes popped open at 4:44am. Much too early– especially since I didn’t have to get up and make his lunch like usual! The kids (who shared the bed with me) and I slept until 8:15, which was 45 minutes later than usual and quite lovely!

After our morning routine of diaper change, getting both kids dressed, making coffee, getting Norah breakfast, feeding Boomer (kitty), I was able to jump in the shower, which is always a treat LOL. Love mom life 😉

We headed over to Nikki’s at noon and brought leftover pizza for lunch for us. I know she and the kids are missing Pat while he’s gone this week. We stayed til about 4, and let the kids play and have some fun.

When we got back, Norah watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch for a much needed nap. I was soooo exhausted but for whatever reason couldn’t allow myself to rest. For dinner, I steamed rice and broccoli and threw them in the wok to stir-fry with some shredded chicken. Last week I cooked a whole chicken in the Crock-Pot and shredded it all. I made 3 meals from that chicken (which was less than $5). Definitely a money saver! There’s so much you can do with the chicken. We ate pulled chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken pizza, and the stir-fry today (which made enough for me to eat tomorrow, too). But think of the other possibilities– chicken salad, chicken noodle soup, chicken tortilla soup, chicken enchiladas, chicken tacos… A frugal, yummy option– it was so convenient to have that shredded chicken in the fridge for the week to scoop out and prepare for the meals. Definitely will be doing another chicken for meals when Michael gets back.

After dinner, I spent some time online researching new vehicles. My current vehicle is a 2004 Pontiac Aztek, which is parked back in Michigan at my in-laws house. When Michael drove his truck to Indiana to pick us up and bring us & the travel trailer back out to Nevada, we decided not to drive the Aztek behind him because it would mean me driving alone with one or both of the kids. Zeke is NOT a car baby, meaning he does terrible in vehicles and cries Almost immediately. We did not want to endure 2+ days of driving with the added stress of a discontent newborn.

So anyway, the Aztek is parked right now and I use the truck, which is our family vehicle at the moment. It’s been completely fine and not an inconvenience to have 1 car. But we know eventually, probably when we make some more permanent decisions about our living situation, a different car for me is in the plan. Whether we stay on the road with Michael, or return back to the Midwest area, our family needs a 2nd vehicle that offers more space than the Aztek. With an infant carseat/base, and a toddler carseat (soon to be booster seat), the back seats of the Aztek are pretty crowded. And there is no 3rd row of seats. With all the traveling and driving our family does, a bigge full size SUV would give us space for strollers, suitcases, toys and eventually sporting equipment, etc… Not that this purchase will be happening sooner than 9-12 months, but Id like to start doing some research now.

So this evening I spent some time making lists of possible options and pros/cons to each. Big decisions require lots of research!

I texted with Michael here and there after he got out of work, to check in and see how each other’s days went. He was exhausted from only getting 4 hours of sleep last night due to their late arrival in Utah and planned on checking in early tonight to make up for it. He asked how the kids were and said he missed us– only a few days left.

Before bed, Norah watched a few videos on my Kindle and I played with Zeke and they wound down a bit. We did snap this family pic (minus dad!)

Zeke is enjoying his cold teether. Still Can’t feel any teeth poking through, but he sure loves the feel of it! And Norah is being her typical self; proud big sister and huge smile! Gosh I love my kids! They’re both sleeping soundly next to me and I think I’m going to try to join them! goodnight from Jess, Norah, and Zeke!