We started out Tuesday much like Monday… All of us crammed in the bed, the kids taking up Michael’s usual spot… Sleeping in a little bit later than usual although I initially woke up at 4:30am again, as if hubby was still here and ready to get up for work. He did text me good morning at 3:30 my time (4:30 his time), but by the time I responded an hour later, he was getting to work and couldn’t talk. Bummer!

I made Norah an egg for breakfast and sliced up some strawberries and grapes for her. After she ate, I made a cup of coffee and we went outside. Around 9am it’s not horribly hot, so it’s actually enjoyable! I put Zeke in his Jumperoo which is still a little big for him; I wedged him safely in with a blanket and he just hung out and got some fresh air. Norah played with her “digging toys” as she calls them, which is a set of beach and sand toys she got from my parents for her birthday. However since our RV park is severely lacking sand (and we are in the middle of the dessert– go figure!) she uses them to scoop and transport gravelly rocks , lol… I was able to sit in a camp chair with my coffee and relax and watch the kids. Nice start to the day! Bonus: Norah, my little performer, gave me a singing and dancing show to enjoy! Hehe…

Since it was still mild weather (only mid-80’s), the kids and I met Nikki and her kids at the park. We spread a blanket under the shade for us and the babies. Dustin and Norah took off to go play on the playground and slides. Graysen is a little over a year so she kind of bounces between chasing the big kids and hanging on the blanket with us.

20130723-134640.jpgZeke chillin in the shade

20130723-134714.jpgEaston and Zeke

20130723-134740.jpgBeautiful Graysen after I gave her little French braid pigtails

20130723-134826.jpgBest Friends (most of the time)

20130723-134914.jpgPrincess Girls!
It was really fun! The kids had a blast and the definitely did some much needed running around and burning off energy. But as we were there, it got more humid and hot, so we decided to head home… Not before a stop for ice cream! I treated the 2 older kids to frozen yogurt cones to cool off.

After getting home, Norah and Zeke both fell asleep and took nice LONG naps. Being in the sun really takes it out of ya! I’m always on Norah to take breaks and drink water while we are outside, so she stays hydrated.

Our plans for tonight are to go over to Nikki’s later and watch Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel. It looks so cute; I love musicals and have been waiting for this one to come out for awhile. Cannot wait!