Sooooo Tuesday night, about an hour after I posted on here about my playground adventures, we had a little surprise! Norah was at the kitchen table having a little bedtime snack and I was in the bedroom feeding Zeke and trying to get him to sleep for the night.

I hear Norah say “Mooooom, dad is back.” I was like “No, Norah he isn’t.” Even though she knows what “Uncle Pat’s” truck looks like, she gets it confused with all the other black Dodge trucks out there. But guess who was right??? Norah! Michael was indeed back home, 3 days earlier than expected! I was so surprised. I can’t believe he didn’t tell me when they left Tremonton! But he said he wanted to surprised us… Apparently the job site here in Nevada needed them back ASAP. So they turned around and made the 5 and a half hour drive to get here.

It was so nice to have him home. Two nights/three days is way too long to be apart! When I woke up Wednesday morning I was in such a great mood! The kids and I headed to the store and I bought a birthday card for one of my good friends and got that in the mail to her. Then we got in the truck and headed to Winnemucca because I needed to take care of my shopping fix! No, not normal shopping (although I do love that too)… Thrift store shopping!

I don’t car whether its garage sales, flea markets, or Goodwill, I LOVE secondhand shopping. I do get a huge thrill from finding awesome deals on brand name things, really unique items, cool products I would never pay full price for but would pay $1 for… My sister and I frequent a Goodwill Outlet in Indy that is heaven for treasure seekers like us. All their donated items are tossed haphazardly into giant plastic tubs on wheels. You have to literally sift through all sorts of items in hopes you’ll find something in your size, in good enough condition to buy. It’s not organized, not clean, and nothing is priced… We LOVE IT! My sister and I wear rubber gloves because it truly isn’t that clean and spend as long as we can hunting for awesome scores. And at the end, you wheel your cart on a scale and pay by the pound. Even with a full cart, I have never paid over $10. I’ve bought so many brand name pieces of clothing for Norah, Zeke, and myself. I’ve also found brand new dish towels, bath robes for both kids, blankets, winter coats, and rugs. It’s a serious rush for us. It’s one of the things I really miss doing with my sister.

Now I may not be able to recreate the nitty gritty experience of a Goodwill Outlet, but Winnemucca does have some worthwhile thrift stores to check out! Yes, worth the hour drive with 2 kids… I found some awesome deals and totally “got my fix”.

20130726-082228.jpgZeke clothes

20130726-082313.jpgAmish dolls for Norah ($1 for all!)

20130726-082342.jpgBeautiful vintage envelopes… .50c

20130726-082415.jpgBooks! .10c each

20130726-082655.jpgRomper for Norah
I got lots more pieces of clothing but I’m trying to avoid making this blog post all photographs! Suffice it to say, we got some great deals and finds!

After driving back to Battle Mountain, we stopped and visited with Nikki and kids. I had bought her a shirt and Graysen a dress, so I dropped those off to her.

When Michael got home from work, we decided to go out to dinner, which is a rare, rare treat for our family! We went to The Colt which is basically next door to our RV park. We feasted on some good, homestyle food and I didn’t have to cook or do dishes! Awesome!

After getting back from dinner, Norah and Michael and I played a game of dice. We tried our hardest to teach her, but it’s kind of hard for a 3 year old to understand, so basically we just handed her the dice and told her which ones to roll. It was actually really fun! Wednesday was a really, really great day. I went to bed with a heart full of love and appreciation for my family.