Hi all! We have spent the last week settling into our new spot at the new campground. In fact we have moved AGAIN since the last time I updated about moving. Our original spot was a weekly site at $196/week. Pricey, but worth it… Well this last Friday when we went to the office to pay for another week of rent, the owners informed us that there was a monthly spot available! Yippee! With taxes, a monthly spot comes out to less than $450/mo. So we will be saving money, and in my opinion, our new spot is THE best in the RV Park.

As I said before, the site we had before was very close to other trailers. Not a huge deal, but it didn’t feel like you had much privacy. The spot is sort of a corner lot and at the end of the row; so we only have a neighbor on one side. The other side is occupied by a nice decorative fence, row of privacy bushes, and a swingset! Which is pretty neat for Norah!

20130812-140239.jpgthe swingset is actually hiding right behind those bushes

20130812-140311.jpgthe bushes and our 2 shade canopies make a huge difference!
I really love our new spot. I feel like its so secluded and cozy and offers much more privacy. Every morning, the kids and I go outside. I read my book and the kids play, Norah with her toys and outdoor table & chairs– Zeke on his playmat or in his jumper. It is so relaxing and peaceful. Norah especially likes having the swingset right next to us. The other day a little boy, slightly older than her, rode his bike to the swings and was playing. I kept urging her to go say Hi to him, but she was nervous. She kept saying “I’m too shy to him!” LOL… It was cute but it really made me wonder if she is missing out on “normal” social interaction due to our unconventional lifestyle… If we were in a different situation, she would probably be in day care or preschool. She would have more structure. She would have friends. She would be used to seeing the same kids every day. But with the traveling we are doing, she’s lucky if there are any kids at the RV park; and if there are, it’s not like she’s around them long enough to form real friendships.

All these questions are the same ones we struggled with when making the decision to come on the road with Michael full time. Of course “mommy guilt” says that I’m ripping from her all possibilities for a “normal life.” I know that’s pretty dramatic, but seeing that interaction with the little boy and how shy she was, and how hesitant she was to befriend him really got me thinking…

So anyway…Friday night we spent moving to the new spot. It was a late, tiring night, and Michael had to get up at 3:30am to work Saturday morning. It really stinks not having him on the weekends. After a long, boring day Saturday, he came home and we headed to Battle Mountain (our “old” home & where his co-workers are staying) for dinner. It was a company dinner, which usually means that Michael’s company takes the crew and their families out for dinner at a restaurant. This time, Pat decided to just buy food and grill out, which was an awesome idea. He bought awesome ribeye steaks for everyone, which consisted of him, his wife Nikki, their 3 kids, Michael, myself, Norah & Zeke, Bo (the newest guy on the crew; only 18 years old!), and Allen & Chris, 2 new workers from Salt Lake City that came over for the weekend to help Pat’s crew get ahead on the job. So it was quite a group of people and it was a nice night eating and talking with them!

After dinner we drove the hour back to Winnemucca and went to sleep right away because yet again, Michael had to be up early for work… Yes on Sunday! This 7 days of work schedule is so killer! By the time he gets back, showers, eats dinner, packs his lunch for the next day, it’s basically time to go to bed. I’ve felt so distant from him lately… By no fault of his own… It’s just hard. Then I remind myself I’m lucky to even be WITH him out here… When he has worked 7 days a week in the past, where I was living in Indy still, he rarely had time to talk on the phone, between showering & eating, etc… So I AM grateful. I’m grateful he has a job, I’m grateful we are with him, I’m grateful that they have so much work lined up that they’re giving them overtime, I’m grateful for the overtime pay on his check. Just gotta think positive. And the 7 days a week won’t be forever!

Actually Sunday it was a pretty nice surprise because he didn’t end up working the whole day. He got home at about 2pm. He picked us up and we went to The Pig, which is our favorite BBQ restaurant and is here in Winnemucca. I had the best meal ever! It’s called the Mac Daddy and its a 1/3lb burger, topped with cheese, bacon, coleslaw, and BBQ pulled pork– all on a ciabatta roll. It’s so magnificent! After our late lunch, we went to Walmart and bought groceries for the week. We came back to the park and hopped on the pool, which was GREAT! Michael even dozed by the pool, laying on the cement and hanging his arm over the edge into the water. I KNOW how exhausted he is!

I was glad he got a little relaxation in on a weekend, even though it wasn’t much. I think tonight our plan is to head directly to the Verizon store after work. We currently have AT&T and have for about 3.5 years. But we get hardly any service out here. The wifi at the RV park is really weak so we can barely get on the Internet, either. I can only imagine how many tries itll take me to post this blog post! When Michael is at work at the mine, he has no service at all…So we really need to switch providers. Hopefully we will be doing that tonight!
I just threw in Crockpot Balsamic Chicken Thighs so dinner will be ready whenever we eat tonight.

I’m going to walk up to the RV office and check on our laundry in the little laundromat. That’s another bonus of this park– only $1 to wash a load and $1 to dry! In Battle Mtn, one load was anywhere from $1.75 to $2.25! And we had to drive; couldnt walk! So I’m pretty excited to have it on-site and CHEAP! Time to put Zeke in his wrap and trek over! Have a great Monday!