Trying very hard not to be discouraged right now. We had very big plans for today and they are completely ruined.
First of all, Michael had an important follow up appointment with a doctor scheduled for this morning. We were to be discussing his lab work from last week in addition to evaluating a new medication he started taking. After the doctor, we were going to check out 1 or 2 preschools in the area that I have spoken to on the phone and considering enrolling Norah in, after Labor Day weekend (when I have my car again)… We also were going to be taking the truck to a detail shop to be professionally detailed, inside and out. Plus, we were taking the truck to the Dodge dealership for an oil change, tire rotation, and to have a small cosmetic fix done that is covered under warranty. On top of that all, I had a hair appointment in the afternoon. Michael NEVER has days off of work, so on the rare occasion when he does take a day off (like for the doctor), we try to cram everything in one day.

The plan was for him to take the whole day off. Then he had to go in for a few hours. By mid morning it became obvious he wasn’t going to be out in a timely manner, so he texted me and let me know to cancel all appointments. I’m so frustrated. Not sure what happened at work that made it necessary for him to stay, but it shouldn’t have been an issue for him to take a day to accomplish things that need to be done!