Hello everyone; I’m happy to report that I’m in a much better mood since the last time I wrote. Yes I was very disappointed that our Friday full of errands and productivity did not materialize… However I DID treat myself to delicious sushi from The Crazy Tuna. And it was perfect! We also rented Skyfall from Redbox to watch Friday night, and it was an amazing movie. So… Crappy day but wonderful night!

Michael worked Saturday and went to the gym afterward. The kids and I wandered around Walmart while he worked out, mainly just to get out of the house. I bought some random odds and ends. Nothing special… But sometimes it’s just comforting to buy things you don’t need right? Lol…

Saturday night, Michael and I started talking about making plans for this coming weekend, which happens to be Labor Day Weekend. He will have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off of work. Plus, Tuesday September 3 happens to be our 2nd wedding anniversary! So it’s kind of a special weekend. We decided to get away and started thinking of ideas.

Since its only a 3 day weekend, any faraway vacation was out of the question. We could do Reno, which is only a couple hours away. We could do Salt Lake City, in the opposite direction, about 5 hours away. But we have been to each of those places several times. Michael hopped on the computer and started researching hotel deals in Reno. All of a sudden he goes “VEGAS! Lets go to Vegas!” We are about 6 hours north of Las Vegas and it is someplace I’ve never been before! Michael has been there on 2 occasions, both while he was working. So we decided to go to Las Vegas for our long weekend/mini vacation/Labor Day/Anniversary celebration!

Yes we do have a 3 year old and a 5 month old, so Vegas wasn’t my first idea of a family getaway. But the more we researched, the more we found that families can do! I’m sure that with our double stroller and my Moby wrap, we will easily be able to navigate around and find things to do. Baby Zeke is content to just chill and be worn in his wrap. Norah will be fascinated by all the lights and excitement to see. Plus, we booked our room at Circus Circus, which is totally a family friendly hotel. Sure, we might have to pass on the night clubs and gambling, but we can always make a trip there in a few years– an adults only trip.

Really the point of the trip isn’t to get drunk and experience the typical Vegas debauchery. It’s to sight see and be tourists and most importantly; to get out of Winnemucca and this dang camper! Lol! I have no doubt we are going to have an awesome time and I’m so thrilled to see everything. Let me know in the comments below– what are the “can’t miss” things to see on our trip?