Sundays are always an interesting time for us. Usually, Michael has the day off so we spend Sundays catching up on housework (trailer work?), doing laundry for the upcoming week, perhaps grocery shopping (unless we did it the day before), and maybe grilling out, renting movies, or hanging by the pool.

However, recently Michael has been steadily working overtime and thus Sundays feel very much like any other day of the week. BUT this past Sunday he did something totally out of character and took Sunday off! The reason it is out of character is because he loves that overtime pay and will rarely turn it down when the opportunity presents itself. Call it a break, call it a mental health day, but he definitely needed a day to “catch up” and do some errands.

So Sunday morning we got up and took a trip to Autozone where he picked up some items to detail his truck. Remember how his detail appointment for Friday didn’t happen? He decided just to do it himself. We came home and immediately got to WORK! 🙂 he began outside on his truck, pulling everything out of it and vacuuming it all and cleaning every surface . I started on the inside of the trailer– sweeping, collecting dirty laundry, wiping and sanitizing the ceiling and counters, etc… It was such a satisfying feeling! Sort of like spring cleaning. Thankfully the kiddos gave us uninterrupted time to work, sort of. Norah pattered around outside, playing with her toys and watching Daddy. Zeke was content to bounce in his Jumperoo outdoors and generally observe us.

It was a great productive day and ended with me transporting by hand FOUR loads of laundry back and forth to the RV office laundromat to wash, dry, and fold. What a workout!

Michael, gleefully, had hours of time to lovingly wax and buff his truck so he was a happy camper, too. I’ll end with a pic of his pride and joy 😉