Well, I knew it would happen. One of my fears when I started this blog is that I would get “burned out” and quit posting.  And as evidenced by my last post on 8/27/2013, I have taken quite the hiatus.  Truth be told, for awhile I just didn’t want to.  There was a long stretch of time where nothing exciting was happening. Then there was a stretch of time where lots of things were happening and I didn’t have time to capture and update it all.  So here we are; a few months later with some more experiences under our belt.  I’ll try not to make this too long or photo-intensive, but finally there are things to share!

When we last left off, I believe we were preparing for our Vegas mini-vacation! Well we went to Las Vegas and it was an absolute BLAST! Here are a few photos from our family’s trip over Labor Day Weekend.


daddy and norah at the top of the stratosphere, posing


michael and i (zeke in his wrap) at the top of the stratosphere– seriously freaked out!


norah looking out and not scared at all


siegfried and roy statues 



at the mgm grand– promotions for the mayweather/canelo fight!

We had a great time in Las Vegas, except for the HEAT! It was so hot and muggy. There was a lot of walking involved in our sight-seeing, so I felt perpetually covered in sweat. Ew! The thing about Vegas is that there is SO much to do and see, it’s hard to fit it into your allotted time.  We managed to spend the night at the Stratosphere, get our picture at the top, see the fountains at Bellagio, see the volcano explode at the Mirage, shop at the Luxor, go to Mandalay Bay and see the Shark Reef, walk down the strip and back, shop at a few great malls, eat at Rainforest Cafe, buy officially license Mayweather/Canelo fight gear at the MGM Grand, and more… It was a fun time and I can’t wait to go back!

After Vegas, life returned to normal in Winnemucca, NV. Michael worked, the kids and I enjoyed the town.  Michael and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  We spent a lot of time at the nearby park and enjoyed the weather! The kids grew and grew and grew…


We upgraded to a big girl car seat…


My best friend Erin sent us an awesome care package, which was so great. Love getting mail out here from people back home!


We had cook-outs and spent as much time outside as possible. The family picture below was taken by Pat, Michael’s friend and former boss, when he was over at our trailer hanging out.


Michael at work…


The weather got colder and we started buying warm clothes 🙂 Mommy got a trip to the salon for a haircut and color and so did Norah (hair cut, no color!) I bought a used sewing machine and started tinkering around with little projects to keep me busy.


We took a fall trip to Lazy P’s Adventure Farm in Winnemucca. Norah picked out pumpkins (one for everyone in the family), played in a giant corn kernel sandbox, went through a straw bale maze by herself and then a huge corn maze with mommy and daddy. It was so much fun! Definitely one of the highlights of our time in Winnemucca.


To avoid overloading this post with photos, I’m going to stop here. Stay tuned for part 2 of the rest of our time in Winnemucca, Nevada!