It’s always a little “scary” when we move to a new place for the next job, especially if we haven’t been there before. We wonder “Where will we stay? Will it be easy to find an RV park? What is close by? Parks? Libraries? Clothing stores? Thrift stores (my #1 favorite thing to do in a new city) Grocery stores? Museums or zoos? Will the people be nice?

We have encountered a variety of people in our travels; some areas are full of very nice, friendly, outgoing people. The kind that will hold a door open, make conversation when you’re waiting in line, go out of their way to be kind to the kids. These places tend to have excellent service in restaurants and conscientious drivers, too!

Some places we have been to are not as warm or welcoming. They can tell we are from out of town, whether from our accent or our license plate.  For whatever reason, these communities don’t reach out like some others and that’s okay too.

I’m pleasantly surprised at the little town of Duncan and surrounding areas.  Before we pulled into town, I joined a Facebook group that was for moms in the area.  I posted and explained our situation a little bit and asked for suggestions on activities in the area for children.  WIthin a day, a dozen moms in the area had posted, welcoming me to town and inviting me on various events (this was right before Halloween). I ended up meeting up with one of them at her house and we spent Halloween together at the community trunk or treat

Not long after, I got in contact with another mom who lived actually in Duncan (not 40 minutes away like the other one). She invited me to a play date at the park (the one that Norah, Zeke, and I were already frequenting). We met there at the park and a few other moms with their little ones joined, too. They were ALL kind and friendly and genuinely interested in our family and way of life.  

After the park, we walked to the bakery and let the kids get ice cream.  While there, I met 4 or 5 other women that live here in Duncan and got the same response- just pleasant, good hearted people. 

I already am starting to feel at home here. Even though I miss a lot of the amenities of our hometown ( like I really really miss them, a lot), this town isn’t so bad after all.