Yesterday was Saturday. Michael normally works on Saturdays and has Sundays off, but this weekend the days were flipped so we were faced with a Saturday off– how exciting!

We decided to get together with one of his co-workers, Terry, and his family. They are also traveling on the road with him and have a baby boy just a little younger than our little one!

We drove over to New Mexico (the border is only six miles from Duncan), to Lordsburg, NM where they are staying. After meeting up in Lordsburg, we decided to go to the nearest Walmart and get food to grill at a park to let Norah play and the babies crawl around.

After another 40 minute drive, we arrived in Silver City and got ribeye steaks and chicken drumsticks for the grill. A quick google search on my phone showed there was a park nearby so we decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad we did! The park was HUGE! Hands down, the largest playground I’ve been to, with tons of toddler friendly climbers and slides. It was perfect weather and there were gazebos and picnic tables for our little cook-out.

We spent a long afternoon letting Norah burn off energy on the play sets while we grilled and ate food. I got to know Terry’s wife and we talked about the usual topics– parenting, life on the road, missing family, the tanking industry,etc. It was nice to make a new friend and talk to someone other than a 3 year old 😉

I had made a delicious dip the night before that didn’t get touched, so I
Brought the tray with us and we reheated it on the grill. Dished up with tortilla chips, it was excellent! The “recipe” is as follows: spread a cookie sheet or 9×13″ pan with a layer of softened cream cheese. Top with a layer of warmed up refried beans. Next is a layer of salsa. Top with shredded cheese and heat in oven at 300 for as long as it takes for the cheese to get all hot and melty 🙂 my husband likes it topped with jalapeños, but you can easily adapt to your preference.

Here are a few photos of the playground; slightly dark since the sun was setting:



I sincerely wish Silver City was closer; Norah would love to play at that park more often and I found 4-5 thrift shops in Silver City that I would really like to explore!

Guess our Silver City trips will be a special treat to look forward to!