It’s strange; Before my family and I committed to full time travel in the trailer, Michael and I had talked about after retirement, traveling in a motorhome and exploring. Now that we have been thrust into full-time RV living, I can’t see us choosing that path as a “relaxing retirement” option, but who knows what the future holds… 

I really don’t have strong feelings one way or the other on our time in Arizona, so far. There are many issues that we have had with the “park” we are staying at, which I will detail for you…

1.) It’s not really a “park.” We are used to RV parks with an office, full hook-ups, neighbors, designated spaces, picnic tables, shade trees, dumpsters, pools, Wifi, cable TV, swingsets, etc. This is a barren plot of land sand that the gentleman is trying to develop into a viable venture. It’s all sand, dust, and desert plants.  There is no place for the kids and I to spend time outside because there is no grass, gravel, or even soil. Just sand, littered with goatheads. Google it- delightful little multi-faceted thorns that cling to your shoes and clothes and easily can puncture even the most calloused heel. My toddler can’t even play IN the sand because of these things.  Plus, the wind since we have been here has been unbelievable. If we WERE to brave the goatheads and find a plot of sand to play in, we would immediately have to retreat inside because the wind sends a stinging volley of sand particles right into the eyeballs.

2.) When we first pulled in, we were informed that the sewer hook up was not working. We waited over a week before we could fully hook up– and my husband did half of the work of repairing the sewage drain, etc…

3.) During our first week here, there were numerous problem with the electricity. We went almost an entire day with no power because he was “working on it.”  Frustrating, to say the least.

4.) Our neighbors are not the type of people that I would be comfortable spending any amount of time around. Especially during the days when I’m home alone with the children.

5.) Since the first night we arrived, our nights have been plagued with incessant BARKING OF DOGS. If we were in a real RV park, there would be rules and requirements on pets. However, the owner’s house is directly next to the plot of sand and it’s apparent he has lots of pets. Every night and I mean that in all honesty– EVERY night, I am awakened by dogs barking, for hours on end. I’m a light sleeper, but still… It’s just ridiculous the sleep that is lost due to hearing them bark for hours and hours.

I could probably go on and on with complaints about the water pressure and well pump, but I’ll stop. All the “real” parks in the area are totally full right now, so this is what we are resigned to. We are hoping over Thanksgiving break, we will find someplace else to move to. It’s really sad and frustrating that I can’t spend any time outside at our “home” … It’s too easy to fall into the trap of staying cooped up inside all day, which isn’t healthy for our spirits or mindset at all.

Here’s to hoping for change of scenery– and soon!