Since my last post was sort of whiny, I’m here to tell ya– this one will be better! The rest of this week turned out very well, actually!

On Wednesday morning, my new friend Amy invited my kiddos and I to story time at the library. Little ole’ Duncan does have a public library, but unfortunately no story time or activities for children.  So they jot over the border to Virden, NM (about an 8 minute drive) where there’s a small, makeshift, adorable little library in an unused church building.

We joined Amy for storytime with about 5 other mothers. I think there were maybe 13 or 14 kids total. Each week, the moms take turns reading several stories, providing a little craft, and serving a snack. After “Storytime”, everyone kind of sticks around to let the kids play in the gymnasium and for the parents to chit-chat. We had a blast! Norah really loved interacting with the other kids and Zeke just happily crawled around on the floor.  It was nice for me to talk to the other mommas, some that I had met, and some new friends.

We even got a “library card” at the library and Norah picked some new books for the week. We really can’t wait to go back next week. I’m hoping that I will get to have a turn at reading the stories/bringing crafts/serving snack.

After storytime Wednesday, we had a little playdate at Amy’s house. She has 4 daughters! And was watching 2 boys at the time. Needless to say, Norah definitely found lots of new friends. I really like Amy and found we have a lot in common! 

So, new friendships and playdates have made me feel very much at home in Duncan and not so pessimistic about our living situation. 

The rest of the week has gone smoothly, except for the kids and I dealing with some coughs and sniffles.  I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a full-fledged cold. Norah is taking some children’s cough syrup and decongestant and I’ve been using Vicks rub on both kids at night. We have also had some success with Emergen-C, the powdered Vitamin C mix that you drink dissolved in water. It’s definitely helped me with not feeling so groggy and exhausted and I hope it gives my immune system the boost it needs to keep this cold at bay.

Michael is working an 8 hour day today instead of 10, and should be home soon. I think we have plans to head over to Lordsburg, NM to the hotel where his co-worker and family are staying– the same ones we had the picnic at the park in Silver City. We are planning on grilling at their hotel and making use of their pool and hot tub! Yay! I defrosted some cheddar brats and made a big bowl of creamy caesar pasta salad to take with us, as well as a tray of pecan brownies. Looking forward to a fun night with great company and some relaxation in the pool.

Til next time!