Thank goodness for my sewing machine! If you recall, I picked a used one up when we were living in Winnemucca and I’m so grateful I did. On days when the kids are behaving and I have a few moments to myself, I can sit down and play around and have a really good time. In the last few days, I made an adorable infinity scarf for Norah:

And today I made these leggings for her:

I just need some elastic to finish sewing the waistband. I made a trip to Family Dollar (the closest store to us, within 40 minutes), but they didn’t have any. So I guess I’m stuck waiting until Saturday!
Both the scarf and leggings were sewed from scrap pieces of fabric that I bought at the thrift store for less than a dollar! Amazing!
Yes that’s right– thrift store! I was finally able to take a trip to the thrift store nearest us and browse around. It was so much fun– I plan on going back this weekend and buying more fabric. Michael works all day Saturday and Sunday unfortunately, so it’ll be a boring weekend.
Yesterday was Wednesday, so the kids and I went back to the Virden library for storytime. Again, we had a great time reading and coloring and eating snack. It was fun to socialize with the other kids and mommas. We returned our books from last week and got a couple more. We also checked out the movie Monsters Inc, which is an awesome kids’ movie that Norah hadn’t seen yet!
Tomorrow I think we are going over to Amy’s house in the morning to hang out for a little bit. After that, I want to stop at the bakery and get some treats for the weekend 🙂
I’m sure I’ll update again in the next few days– it’s bound to be lonely with my hubby working so much!