Who knew it SNOWED in Arizona? Not me! I expected a mild and vacation-like winter as we were posted in Arizona this winter but I was dead wrong! 

Beginning Friday, the temperatures dropped and the precipitation started! Michael was immediately snowed out Friday morning after being at work for an hour. Same story Saturday…and Sunday…. SO his weekend of overtime was quickly demolished! It was cold and sleeting so much that the kids and I barely left the trailer while he was working. 

By Sunday morning, after the THIRD snow day, we were all a little stir crazy so Michael called me on his drive home from work to inform me he had been snowed out again, but to get myself and the kids ready because we were taking a road trip.

We all drove to Tucson for the day and had an excellent time.


Michael and his co-worker Terry went to the Casino Del Sol in Tucson, and his wife Brittney and their son Zayden joined me and my kids for a day of shopping. Tucson seems like a very nice place! Of course we didn’t see all of it, and didn’t do anything touristy, but it seemed clean and pretty and everyone was friendly. 

We did our shopping at Target, Old Navy, JCPenney, etc… instead of tackling a mall. Sometimes mall + small children is a little overwhelming, especially on the Sunday before Black Friday 🙂 But I was content to shop PERIOD! I realllllly wanted to make it to the Goodwill OUTLET (yes, OUTLET!) in Tucson, but we ran out of time. Next time…

All in all, Brittney and the kids and I had such a fun time shopping. We scored some awesome deals, which always is good! The guys enjoyed their “guy time” playing poker and watching football at the casino.

It was a long drive back to Duncan (almost 3 hours!) but it was an enjoyable little getaway. I hope if we return, we are able to see and explore a little more. Whenever we are in an area, we try to see the bigger cities and attractions that are within reasonable distance– Tucson is the closest to tiny old Duncan.

Tomorrow begins Michael’s 3 day vacation for Thanksgiving. We don’t have any special plans, except to eat whatever meal we choose for our “Thanksgiving Dinner” and spend time with one another. But hey, that’s what it is all about, right?