I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. Actually yes I can totally believe it- the holidays were exceedingly busy. Once again I fell off the blogging train EVEN THOUGH one of my New Years Resolutions was to write more posts. I really enjoy recording all of our adventures so here I am, at the end of February making another effort to be a better blogger. Let’s see if I can recap the last few months…

1.) We went HOME for the holidays! All four of us flew out of Phoenix airport Dec 22, saw my parents in Indy briefly, drove up north to Michigan to visit Michael’s parents and sister and finally back to Indy later that week. Michael flew back to Phoenix since he didn’t get much time off work, and the kids and I stayed at my moms house for a few more weeks to spend a little more time. The Midwest was hammered with terrible storms during our visit, which hampered our plans a little, but it was amazing getting to see my family and letting them soak up some time with my awesome kiddos. I did find that I missed my husband and our trailer terribly! The trailer truly feels like home and I missed having our own space. It was an awesome visit and the kids did great on the airplane, even when we flew back alone. They’re such travel pros.

2.) We moved from our lovely town of Duncan, AZ! Due to some … Let’s call it “unrest” at the job site Michael was working at, he made the decision to leave and continue at another location. So we said goodbye to the beautiful Arizona scenery and most importantly, the people we had met! We formed friendships with Lee and Laurie, who we rented our RV spot from. We formed friendships with Terry and his wife Brittany, one of michaels co-workers who started out renting our old trailer from us and became our neighbors at the Rv park. And of course we formed friendships with Amy and her husband Luke. I met Amy on Facebook when we arrived in Duncan, and she quickly became a treasured friend. Our daughters became excellent playmates and I was grateful that she included me in so many local activities. Without her, I would not have met as many people or had nearly as much FUN in Arizona. She really welcomed my family with open arms. It was hard to leave her, but I hope our paths will cross again someday.

3.) En route to the next location, post-Duncan, we once again found ourselves in Honeyville, UT at Crystal Hot Springs Campground. For whatever reason, going to Utah always feels like coming home. Michael worked for 3-4 weeks at the shop in nearby Tremonton. As usual, we had a good time during our stay. We enjoyed the awesome natural hot springs at our campground. We did some shopping in Logan, Salt Lake City, and Murray. We went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, The Grille in Tremonton. We checked out lots of RV dealerships in search of our next upgrade πŸ˜‰ We even attended a huge RV show on Valentines Day at South Towne Expo Center. I did some spring cleaning and donated old toys and clothes to the local LDS mission center. Before we knew it, our “time” was up and we received word that we needed to head east to Wyoming!

So here we are, in Saratoga WY! Michaels job is west about 45 minutes, at a refinery outside Rawlins. We could’ve found an rv park closer, but the 45 minutes drive is WELL worth it because this is the best park we have ever stayed at! We are at Deer Haven RV Park and I could not be more impressed.

First of all, at $450/month it is totally affordable priced. Second, there is WIFI! This is definitely a huge deal for us since we do all of our bill pay online. In addition to that, we don’t have satellite tv so using wifi for Netflix is a great alternative. There’s also free cable here at the park, which we haven’t hooked up to yet. Saratoga is known for their certified blue ribbon trout fishing, and there are public access locations all over town. However our park has private fishing access for residents only, which Is totally awesome! We can’t wait to go fishing here.

The town is small but nice! We have already been to the park twice. It’s been a little cold and windy, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We already have a local PO box and are having our mail from Arizona forwarded here…. One of the many things that must be done when moving to a new location πŸ™‚

I don’t have many photos on my iPad, where I’m writing this post from, but here are a few recents:

Getting ready to leave Arizona, Michael hooking up to the trailer and me ready to follow with the baby– Norah rode with dad in the truck!



My little guy is growing up fast, no longer a baby… He will be a year in one month…


And of course my handsome husband πŸ™‚


Oh yeah did I mention the DEER?! This place truly is called deer haven for a reason. Every day we have seen dozens of deer right next to our trailer. Huge bucks and does just a few feet away. We have walked up next to the fence and they just stare at us or prance away. From inside the trailer, we can get a great look at them through the window without disturbing their activity. Norah is so excited and impressed every time she spots one. It almost feels like we are home in Michigan.


I’m enthusiastic and optimistic about our time here in Wyoming. I can’t wait to settle in.
Let’s not wait 3 months before we get together again, ok? πŸ™‚