Wyoming has certainly been giving us a welcome to remember. Friday was cold and windy– so windy in fact that Michael only could work half a day and then had to come back home to Saratoga. Saturday was sunny but cold in the morning. We decided to get out and do some exploring. Just as we got bundled up, it started snowing and the skies turned grey. Ugh! We drove a few miles away to the Saratoga National Fish Hatchery. They give daily tours, but I think we must’ve missed them because it was totally empty! Doors were unlocked and there were signs explaining everything, but not an employee in sight! We gave ourselves a self tour but I really wish there would’ve been someone there to explain everything to us.

Basically this is where female and male fish are spawned and the eggs are fertilized and cared for until they develop eyes, then those fish are sent to state and national rivers, lakes, streams etc to stock them for fishing! It’s an awesome concept and this was one was founded in the early 1900’s. We saw tiny little baby trout, slightly bigger trout but still smaller than minnows… Then HUGE fully grown trout that were in giant troughs. They were born in 2004 and they are spawned every year from 2010-2015. I won’t bore you with any more useless fish facts but it was really interesting to us, and I hope we can go back when we can actually go on a tour and learn more!

After leaving the hatchery, we went to Saratoga Lake and day dreamed of summer 🙂 Really, we drove around the lake and checked out the little campground there and the beach area (currently covered in snow). It looks like a nice lake with ATV trails all around it. We don’t own an ATV of any sort currently, but my husband is drooling over a Razr… There are certainly trails all over here that we could explore.

On the way back, we saw a huge herd(?) of what I thought were deer, at first but Michael informed me they were in fact antelope. I’m still not totally convinced.


There is no shortage of wildlife here at all! Truly beautiful.
After leaving Saratoga Lake, we spent an hour driving around Saratoga. For a town of less than 2,000 people, there is a lot to see! We drove out past the private airstrip, drove around the neighborhoods and checked out tons of huge houses! I hopped on Zillow.com to check out some houses for sale and WOW. The houses in Saratoga are crazy expensive! We saw houses listed for anywhere from $330,000 to $2,100,000! A lot of them are on huge parcels of property with 7+ bedrooms and are very rustic looking… Log style siding, multiple fireplaces, etc… Definitely my husband’s style and mine, to an extent. We followed the GPS to go get a better look at some of the addresses, but unsurprisingly they were in a gated community (on a golf course, nonetheless) and were only available for sale to golf club members. Michael heard from a safety instructor that yearly memberships to the country club were $50,000. I guess if you can afford that, you can afford one of those houses!

So we drooled over houses we couldn’t afford and pointed out some that we could. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon since it was too cold to be doing much else. Michael got hungry for an early dinner at 4 so we decided to go check out a pizza place we drove past earlier. Unfortunately they are closed between 2-5 so we had to keep looking. There is an old hotel/restaurant downtown called the Hotel Wolf that has amazing reviews online. However they didn’t open until 6! I think this is common for small towns, but we finally found someplace that was open, Del Rio Cafe.

It was a small little restaurant that looked like it was someone’s house, or attached to their house. It was clean and totally empty! We ordered breaded green beans, cream cheese poppers, a chimichanga, and chicken strips. Service was only average even though we were the only ones there) and food was average but affordable (except my breaded green beans which were excellent!)

I think plans for the day include our weekly grocery shopping, which we will probably do in Rawlins. The one grocery store here in Saratoga is very overpriced so I think we will need to go elsewhere to stick to a reasonable budget!

There’s also something exciting in the works that I can’t talk about yet, but hopefully can announce soon!

Happy Sunday everyone