Dare I say that Saratoga is beginning to feel like home? I think it’s because my husband and I both come from very small towns, so a small town feels comfortable for us. Saratoga has less than 2,000 people.

The last few week has been really nice! On Friday, Norah attended a dance workshop at the community center here in town (Platte Valley Community Center) put on by a dance studio out of nearby Rawlins. For only $5, kids could attend from 12:30-4:30 and learn dance stretches, moves, and then perform a little routine at the end for parents to attend. The dance studio in Rawlins will soon be expanding to Saratoga, so if kids are interested, they can start taking actual lessons in about a month.

Norah has never done any type of dance or gymnastics, so I was excited to see how she did. She had a blast! Four hours is a long time to keep the attention of a three year old, but she did great! Michael got out of work early due to crappy weather so he was able to watch her for most of the day and see the “recital” at the end. If we are able to attend classes when they start in Saratoga, we will definitely be signing up.

Saturday Michael had to work but on Saturday night, we went out to a GREAT restaurant in Saratoga called Bella’s Bistro. We didn’t know what to expect when we pulled in, but it turned out to be quite an upscale restaurant! We were totally under dressed and had both kids with us, but the staff was so pleasant and insisted we stay. We ate delicious Italian food and Michael and I shared a whole bottle of wine (that’s literally never happened before). It was so so wonderful and my babies behaved so well. I was so proud and it was nice to have a real, sit down, fancy meal. I highly recommend Bella’s Bistro to those in Saratoga or surrounding areas. It’s expensive for our budget, so we will be saving it for special occasions 🙂

I’m going to sign off for now, because I want to save the exciting news for its own post!