Well I better update my big exciting news from last time– our excitement was that I started working full time with my husband! How cool, right? I thought that when I gave up my full time job in Indy to join him on the road, I would be putting any career plans on hold for awhile… But I was able to be hired on with his crew for a safety attendant position.

We ride together to work every day and found a great babysitter for both kids. It all fell into place so easily, it was meant to be! It was the first time my one year old son has ever been to a babysitter for longer than an hour or so… The first few days were really rough as he adjusted to being away from us… Lucky our babysitter is so patient and understanding and she toughed it out and things started to get better.

After a month of work at the refinery in Sinclair, WY, we received word that we were headed next to Cripple Creek, Colorado. We took this last week to drive home and visit family in Michigan and Indiana before our next job starts. As I write, we are in Nebraska on the return leg of our journey to get back to Saratoga, WY and pick up our trailer and get everything packed up. Today (Saturday) we still have quite a bit of driving ahead of us. Tomorrow will be spent finishing packing and driving the 6 hours to Cripple Creek to our new RV park.

I’m excited to stay in Colorado– I’ve heard nothing but good things about the scenery, people, and weather. The closest “big town” to us will be Colorado Springs I think. I can’t wait to get settled. Once we are there, we are going to try to find child care once again so I can continue working for the company.

So ready to be done driving… We have spent a LOT of time in the car in the last week, but it was so great to visit family that we haven’t seen since Christmas. Here are a few pics:

Baby Zeke at my in-law’s house

Norah at my in-laws with a present, of course…

Baby boy and I before getting family pictures done!